La barraca de Dalí

blog culture La barraca de Dalí Hidden in the forest behind Castell beach, near Palamós, you can find la “Barraca de Dalí”. It is the proof, well preserved, of another era. In fact, before the Spanish Civil War, this area was the place of encounters of artists from all over the world. Artists from different nationalities were […]

The Iberian town of Ullastret

blog culture, Empordà The Iberian town of Ullastret On the hill of Sant Andreu, are the remains of the largest Iberian settlement discovered so far in Catalonia. Founded in the 6th century BC, it dominated the Empordá plain near the Daró river and on the shores of a lake, which dried up in the 19th […]

Jam Museum

blog culture, Empordà Jam Museum The Empordà is a country of culture. World famous poets, writers, painters were born and lived here. There are exhibition halls and museums in practically every town. One of our favourites, due to its originality, is the one located in Torrent, very close to Palafrugell: the Jam Museum. Founded more […]

Cap Roig Festival

blog culture, Empordà Cap Roig Festival In Costa Brava, there are a large number of music festivals of all sorts organized every summer: jazz, classic music, pop, rock…Here at Mas Pastora, we love all of them, however our favorite is the one organized in Calella de Palafrugell, so close to our hotel that we could […]

Tamariu’s geyser

blog culture, excursion Tamariu’s geyser There are windy and stormy days, specially at the end of Autumn, which are not pleasant at all. If the wind comes from the East, there is a phenomenon close to Tamariu that is worth seeing. Park your car at Xelida Cove. From there, there is a coastal walk (Camino […]

Our dolmen in Llafranc

blog culture, excursion Our dolmen in Llafranc In Llafranc we have our own dolmen. Even though it is 3800 and 5500 years old, it was not discovered until 1954, surrounded by pine trees, vineyards and vegetation. The first person interested in this dolmen was Miquel Mascort i Martó, but no one believed a dolmen would […]

Wine Route

blog culture, excursion Wine Route The Empordá has been a wine-producing area since Roman times. The tradition and millenary knowledge together with the appropriate characteristics of the soil, the healthy north wind, the mild temperature in winter, without major frosts, and hot in summer, but controlled by the sea breeze, make this region produce wines […]