La barraca de Dalí

Hidden in the forest behind Castell beach, near Palamós, you can find la “Barraca de Dalí”. It is the proof, well preserved, of another era.

In fact, before the Spanish Civil War, this area was the place of encounters of artists from all over the world. Artists from different nationalities were coming here for the weather, the beautiful landscapes and for the parties that were taking place at Mas Juny from the architect and painter Josep Maria Sert. He used to attract artists like Marlene Dietjch, Visconti, Coco Chanel, Francesc Macià, Francesc Cambó and Dalí among others.

After the Civil War in 1940, a young, handsome and rich man, Alberto Puig Palau, bought Mas Juny and the parties continued, bringing artists, painters and singers like Lola flores, Carmen Amaya and el Pescadilla among other Flamenco artists. It was thanks to his influence that they filmed The Flying Dutchman with Ava Gardner and James Mason. 

In those days, Puig Palau, Dali´s good friend, tried to keep the surrealist artist in this area, that is why he offered him this little ”Barraca¨ as a workstudio so he could draw and paint peacefully. Dali, definitly loved the place, however he could never forget his POrt Lligat where he managed to focus and got inspired. 

Dali never ended up painting anything here, but this little stone house would always be his.

Don´t miss it.  

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