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Pedrinyà town

The Empordanet, or Baix Empordà, that is to say, the region in which Llafranc is located, is strewn with secret and wonderful corners that can be discovered when traveling on foot, by riding bike or by car. It is such a nice and authentic plan to go out in the afternoon, when the heat is no longer pressing, and beautiful landscapes illuminated by the “golden hour” or sunset is the best way to enjoy and get some memorable photos.

We know that you can discover it by yourself but we are going to give you some tips: the road that goes from Corçà to Monells is undoubtedly very beautiful. The town of Monells is going to deserve a blog post on its own. For now, we pass by and arrive at Madremanya and from there we go to La Pera.

All these roads are secondary and can be done by bike, although there are occasional ups and downs, depending on how you look at it.

Halfway between Madremanya and La Pera, to the left, there is a detour that Pedrinyà points out. We wanted to take you there, because it is a bit difficult to find. It is not an extraordinary place, full of tourists, and nobody is going to sell you a postcard or a souvenir. It is more of a quiet place.

Park your car or bike and walk to the rural hermitage of San Andrés. Inside this chapel were the highest quality wall paintings in the entire Empordá. They are currently kept in the Girona Art Museum. It is a very beautiful 11th century chapel, hanging over well-kept orchards, surrounded by silence and the chirping of birds. If you look on the Internet they will explain to you its southern door with a semicircular arch and the door on the other side, which has a portico. And the bell tower with a two-arched belfry. But we wanted to talk to you about the feeling of peace and beauty that the place gives off. It’s worth 15-20 minutes, no more, but it’s worth it.

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