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The scuba diving center Tritón, with more than 40 years of experience in Costa Brava, it is only few steps aways from Mas Pastora Hotel. During all these years, they have achieved a professionalism that guarantees security above all.

They offer courses for all levels to discover the underwater secrets that Costa Brava has to offer. From beginners or anyone who is at least 8 years old to license courses if you are more into professional diving. .

Tritón center is in the hands of a family who is enthusiastic about their job and shares the love of it to its clients. The vibe that they offer while in the sea is not only professional, but also fun.

Are you afraid of scuba diving? No worries, Tritón offers snorkeling courses too; in an hour and a half they can take you to little beaches to snorkel with goggles and a tube.

Let your love for the sea take you to the waters of Costa Brava, either snorkeling or scuba diving, do not let others explain to you what it is like.

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