Golf courses in Costa Brava

If you like playing golf, Costa Brava is the right place to be. In the Empordà you have the right weather to play outdoor sports and a long golf tradition. That means, there are heaps of good golf courses, well designed and well looked after. 

Only twenty two minutes away from Mas Pastora, at Gualta, you will find the Empordà Golf Club. Its designer, Robert Van Hagge, is worldwide known for offering a wide variety of strokes and techniques to overcome the challenges they pose. He maintained each golf course has to satisfy three types of players: the good ones, the medium and the beginners. His Empordà Golf course has 36 holes. 

At Pals’ beach, twenty five minutes away from Llafranc, you will find Pals Golf Club, the first one opened imn Costa Brava. Designed in 1966 by F.W.Hawtree, it has 18 holes with a 73 par and hostes a big number of international championships. 

Between Playa de Aro and Santa Cristina de Aro, about half an hour away from Mas Pastora, you will find Aro´s Golf Club. Designed by Ramon Espinosa at the end of the 80’s; it is a course with 18 holes with a 72 par with more than 6200 meters and 300 meters altitude, surrounded by Les Gavarres National Park. The views are definitely worth it.  

Fifty five minutes away from Llafranc, in Sant Julià de Ramis, you have the Girona Golf Club, a 18 holes course with a 72 par designed by the prestigious English architect Sr F.W. Hawtree. The club claims it is the only Spanish golf course sown with Penncross, the most quality grass. Girona Golf Club is suitable for all types of players. 

For beginners or experienced players who would like to practice their shorter game, there is also the Par3 Pitch & Putt, in Gualta, about twenty four minutes away from our hotel.

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