Bordering the rugged coastline of the Costa Brava, from Port Bou to Blanes, the coastal path is thousands of years old, as old as the presence of human beings in this territory. It saved the lives of sailors or fishermen when their boat was shipwrecked against the rocks, and he was followed by the carabineros and later by the police to control the smuggling or black market, so common on this coast. (In fact, it seems that the name comes from the “round” that the police performed regularly).

Today it is a GR, 92, and many walkers or hikers follow it, who either walk a few kilometers of some section, or cover it entirely in several stages.

From Llafranc, we are lucky to be in the middle of two of the most beautiful sections: from Llafranc to the South to La Fosca, one of the Palamós beaches, and from Llafranc to the North to Tamariu and Cala Xelida.

The short section from Llafranc to Calella de Palafrugell is already of remarkable beauty and it is almost an obligatory walk after lunch, on days when the heat is not strong. In summer, you have to go through it, either very early in the morning, to enjoy the sunrise or late, almost at night, to enjoy the breeze and that sensation of peace.

There are benches to sit down to chat, there are viewpoints hanging over the sea, ideal for taking photographs, there are corners from which we suddenly see Calella. It smells of the sea and of pine trees. Chatting and unhurried, it takes half an hour to go and the same to return.