We are going to do an easy and flat  bike tour from Palafrugell to Palamós. 

At the hotel reception they will explain to you how to get to the starting point. From there, if it is not too windy, you will take a quiet walk to Palamós, always admiring the scenery. We recommend, however, that once you arrive at the intersection of Castell’s beach, you take the detour towards the sea. Even if  you have done this tour before, the place is so beautiful that it is worth going every week throughout the year, every year of your life. 

When you get to the beach, there is a bike parking. If it is a hot day, you will have earned a dip.

The Via Verde follows the route of a small train that was opened in the 19th century to improve communications and help the cork industry. The train linked Palamós and Banyoles passing through Mont-Ras, Palafrugell, Llofriu, Torrent, Sant Climent de Peralta, Vullpellac, La Bisbal, Corçà, La Pera, Flacà, Bordils, Celrà, Girona, Sarrià de ter, Cornellà de Terri i Banyoles. It suffered many crises: the end of the cork industry, the phylloxera, the First World War, terrible accidents as well as the Civil War. After so many obstacles, the train needed to be electrified and modernized, but the administration had no interest in maintaining the line and it was closed permanently in 1956.

They called it the “Tren Petit” (the little train), “El Tramvia del Baix Empordà” or the “Tren Pinxo de Banyoles” (The cool Banyoles’ train).