Hotel Mas Pastora

Mas Pastora Rooms

Mas Pastora Rooms

Welcome to our Mas Pastora Rooms The daily routine, the daily obligations, the bustle of a city that traps and chokes us, the noises of the cars, the long queues in a bank, the worries for yours … Would you like to escape? If yes, you have arrived at the[…]

Top Masia

Masia Superior

Welcome to our Masia Superior Fall in love with our most incredible room. Let yourself be carried away by its warm colors and its elegant and comfortable atmosphere. The time passes peacefully when everything invites to enjoy a slow awakening, a first tea in the shade of the hurdle on[…]

Benjamin Masia

Welcome to our Benjamin Masia Benjamín Masia 1 is located on the first floor. It has the entrance through the watchtower and a window that opens onto the East patio-garden, so it is a bright, fresh, cozy room and being within the farmhouse, the sense of security of the wide[…]

Mas Pastora Hotel

Great Masia 2

Welcome to our Great Masia 2 We also call the tower room at this room. Its access is in the backyard, fresh and pleasant and equipped with a chill-out exclusive for the guests of the farmhouse. Later, we need to go up by a short staircase that reaches the round[…]

Great Masía 1

Welcome to our Gran Masía 1 It is a room as magnificent as our Superior Masia room, but without terrace. However, being one floor above, it enjoys such a spectacular view. The feeling of being apart and away from everything, in full privacy, is much more evident in this room.[…]