At Palafrugell, Sundays are the market day.

If you try to go in summer, it would be hard to park, make sure you know this in advance. The reason why is that the town is bubbling and booming. All the shops are open, on the street you will find farmers’ stands with products from their lands: tomatoes straight from the tiges, eggplants, cucumbers and fresh zucchinis from the bush; fruits that actually taste like fruit and all types of spices. On the same street, you will also find stands with ecological products such as eggs or handmade cheeses. 

To visit Palafrugell on a Sunday is such an experience. The town is full of colours, odeurs, scents and full of life. On Sundays you will find everything, including the best seafood and fish from the coast as well as from the North. At the meat market, at the renovated building, you will find typical Catalan charcuterie as well as the best foie gras.   

What you can find on a Sunday in Palafrugell is not only food, but also clothes and all types of kitchen gadgets. 

Sundays are to enjoy, to share, to discover and to encounter. At the main square, all the bars are open, Palafrugell is alive. However, on Mondays, the town sleeps.